It’s Awesome To Be Crazy & Weird

It’s Awesome To Be Crazy & Weird.

Do you ever feel that you are stuck in a world you don’t really belong?

You’ve tried your hardest to fit in, to go along with the crowd and be part of the world of clock watchers, but somehow this life and the people in it seem just a little too baa baa. You see they are ‘Sheeple’.

You might have known this from a very early age and thought of yourself as a little weird, a little strange, and others might have ostracised you for it.

However, in time, you learn to live with the clock watchers, whilst learning to grow your consciousness at a different rate from others.

You think that little bit deeper about things, you are more intuitive, you seem to physically feel other peoples pain, you sense their emotions without them speaking a word.  You might be more in touch with your spirituality than others and ask questions that others don’t seem to care about.

Then it could be that you are a Fringe Dweller.

What is a Fringe Dweller?

I first heard this term from my mentor Ilan Ferdman and have recently read it in the works of Stuart Wilde, an amazing spiritual author.

As soon Ilan said it I immediately identified with it and no longer viewed myself as this weird person living in a strange world.  I learned to become even more of a fringe dweller whilst at the same time learning to live with the clock watchers, or the Sheeple as Ilan describes them.

Stewart Wilde also said the following great words:

“Fringe Dwellers are people who don’t fit the norm. I say they are not hippy revolutionaries living rough, or social weirdoes; the ones I speak of are ordinary people, you can’t tell them apart from others. It’s their minds that are different. They don’t relate to the rules and regulations of the status quo, the rhythms of a tick-tock life leave them uninspired and listless.

I came to see how the Fringe Dwellers are in a different evolutionary spiral because they aspire to belong to a world of higher consciousness, rather than have ideas and morals imposed upon them by a system that has corrupt values, one that often doesn’t really know what it’s talking about.”

10 Signs that you are a Fringe Dweller

1. From a very early age, you have known that you were different.

Usually, fringe dwellers know there is something different about them, and due to the beliefs and knowledge of the clock watchers or ‘Sheeple’, they are thought to be a little strange, almost weird or socially awkward.

As you know yourself that is not the case, they are just vibrating at a different energy level from the clock watchers and ‘Sheeple’.  A lot of the time they torment themselves with questions like, why am I different, why can’t I seem to fit in.  However, eventually what happens is that the fringe dwellers unconsciously seek out other fringe dwellers and start to see they are not alone.

People with normal 9-5 jobs, normal lives, somehow think a little differently, however, they can wake up after something triggers them to look beyond the layers of misdirection and blankness that surrounds them, often a tragedy or life crisis can trigger a ‘Sheeple’ to wake up and matrix-like, unplug and become a fringe dweller, I did just that at 48, with three decades of ‘normal’ behind me, having hidden my weirdness from the world after too much bullying at school made me hide.

2. You feel the pain of others

Fringe dwellers are highly attuned to other people and are naturally empathetic people.  You seem to feel the emotions and pain of other people and may seem very sensitive to the plight of others.  This can be overwhelming at times and you need to escape the pain to recharge.

3. You feel there is something more to this life

You have probably asked the question a thousand times: What the is this life all about, surely there has to something better out there for me. I’m fed up trying to fit in with the ‘Sheeple’, the clock-watchers of the world? As you listen and watch with your heart rather than your head, a little bit, Day by day, month by month, the answer is revealed to you. And you spend your time seeking the answers to a deeper level than any ‘Sheeple’ would dare.

4. You get distracted easily with life

The thought of a job, with a salary, a pension and lots of benefits doesn’t excite you at all.  You want to live life with Freedom, you want to experience the unknown, start your own business, write a book, save the planet, remove plastic from the seas, save the Rhino, just do anything not be a ‘Sheeple’.

5. You are highly creative

Fringe dwellers are by nature creative people.  They have tapped into a higher consciousness which requires them to let their spirits be a little more creative and to express it in different ways, you have an interest in the arts, writing, talking about something more than the latest Facebook feed or glossy magazines full of stars, royals and celebrity gossip. You’ve even shunned the television and the soups for time to be creative or admire the creation of the universe.

6. You crave quietness and time alone

You crave some alone time as the world of the clock watchers seems to get too much for you sometimes.  You find yourself attracted to nature, to the woods, to the sea to the hills where everything feels just as it should, free, natural and beautiful.  You love Meditation and a quiet space to call your own. No, you are not a total hippy, it’s just a craving to be alone and a lot of this alone time feels better when in nature and your feet a bare to mother earth.

7. Coincidences are happening more in your life

You might have noticed that you are in the right place at the right time, or you found a video, blog, podcast or book just when you needed it, or you bumped into someone who was able to help you with a problem. These coincidences will happen more and more as you open yourself up to your higher consciousness.  Synchronicity will have come the normal and you will also find that you are more able to attract & manifest what you want in life and become part of the magic that surrounds us all the time.

8. You love lots of different spiritual teachings

Fringe dwellers usually question all religions, and yet are open-minded enough to listen, learn, read and find out more about the spiritual practices of different religious groups.  They strip the fluff out of religion and are able to focus on the essence of the teachings.  You are also open to experimenting with different spiritual practices and see the benefit of a wide range of practices as it raises a different part of your energy. You love Yoga and being in touch with your body and are happy to experiment with whatever helps you attain a state of peace and tranquility,

9. You Don’t Want A Normal 9-5 Job

Fringe dwellers are often entrepreneurs or people who go to different countries to offer their services to a charity to help others, or to save the trees, or the Rhinos in some remote and hot part of the world.  A normal job to you is like a slow painful death. it’s painful to even contemplate it.  You may not have realised you feel like this until later in life, you might have been like it your whole life. You are here to wake up & change the world, and raise the consciousness of the world, so be proud and courageous that you are a fringe dweller, embrace it and go out into the world and change it.

10. You Love Learning & Growing & Experimenting

Fringe dwellers are often avid readers, you love listening to audible books, reading print, listening to Podcasts, watching Ed talks, reviewing Youtube for the latest video craze ( and not just cats ), you are interested in saving the planet and think about being ‘green’, vegan, you juice, you exercise, you expand your mind, you love listening to mentors and coaches, you have a voracious appetite for experimenting with new ideas and things.

What about you?

Are you a Fringe Dweller, are you just waking up from the clock watchers & sheeple world?

Would you like to meet with other Fringe Dwellers?

If you do then come and join us, I’m Kev and you can find more about the Fringe Dwellers I hang out with by providing your email below, I’ll send you some information about who we are and what we do, a merry band of Fringe Dwellers Sees you soon



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