The Day I Met A Dragon

Water Dragon

22nd April 2017

It’s a Saturday, cool and sunny and I’m at Dry Leys riding ‘Fav’, I’m her human for the last 18 years, we’ve ridden together 4300 plus times by my calculation. Not once has this powerful beauty been afraid of anything, we are the couple who ride past tractors, combine harvesters the works without fear.

She instills in me courage and we ride care free across the countryside, yet today she is scared, afraid, fearful beyond control and will not go past the corner of a field we’ve ridden past many times.

I attempt to coax her past for 10 minutes to no avail, and go instead another route, circling back to see what she might be seeing.

The fear is obvious and she won’t go within 50 feet of the ‘spot’.

I stop and ask ‘Fav’ why is she afraid and she backs up 10 paces, reverses is never her gear!

I breath and chill like I’m meditating and ask the ‘spot’ causing ‘Fav’ such primal fear, ‘Who are you?’.

Silence and I ask again, ‘Who are you?’…

The ‘spot’ emanating fear to ‘Fav’, yet neutral to me, shimmers and I see, like the edge of water, the outline of a massive and powerful Dragon 🐉 ❗️

I watch in complete and utter awe and I feel for its intent and it feels like it’s at peace with us and is watching me!

‘Fav’ can’t take it any more and wants out of there so we turn and charge for home, ‘Fav’ is beyond fear and acting on instinct and we can’t get through the gate to home and someone, a friend Emma, opens the gate for us.

‘What she seen?’, I answer ‘a monster’, ‘I’ll go back get her to be a peace with it’, I coax ‘Fav’ back and she’s fearful, then happy to see it’s gone back…

I surrender to what is…..

Joining the dots ….. ❤️🙏🦋🐉

The Day I Met A Dragon
The Day I Met A Dragon